Technology Staffing Services

Direct Hire Recruiting

When hiring full-time tech talent, finding the right fit is key to your long-term success. This can be especially time-consuming and frustrating considering today’s skills shortage. Our direct hire recruitment strategy can help mitigate your full-time recruitment challenges, so you can focus on what’s most important: innovation. Tailored to your unique needs and long-term business initiatives, our screening process ensures you are presented with only the best talent from our extensive network of IT and technology professionals.

Case Study:

Type: Direct Hiring of Blockchain Engineers

Challenges:  The client required 4 Blockchain Solution Engineers for a new innovation technology lab under a strict timeline in a very tight market.

Solution:  We created a “best in class” recruiting team specific to the desired skill set, and we were able to be agile and move quickly on this nationwide search. After gaining a thorough understanding of the requirements, we were able to fill the Blockchain roles within a few short weeks for the client’s high profile project.

Contract & Freelance Staffing

With technology evolving faster than ever, we understand that timelines are critical. Whether you’re looking for a freelancer or need help with your next project, ES Technology can get you a qualified professional exactly when you need them. In addition to utilizing our extensive network of candidates to meet your short-term needs, we work with our contract professionals throughout the length of the assignment—managing time off, absences, compensation, and other assignment-related details.

Case Study:

Type: Implementation of new CRM for large eCommerce site

Challenges:  The client required a team of seasoned developers with experience in a highly niche programming language, as well as a Business Analyst, to complete the project on-site within a four month period.

Solution:  Using a streamlined interview technique and a thorough screening process that allowed us to test each candidate’s ability to communicate throughout all stages of the CRM implementation process, our team identified, interviewed, and onboarded three Ruby on Rails developers and one Business Analyst within three weeks.

Contract & Project-Based Assignments

Utilizing contractors or freelancers gives you the flexibility to adapt to evolving project requirements, address a critical skills shortage, and pay for work only when you need it.


Considering a contract-to-hire role is a great way to test the waters before making a long-term hiring decision. Employers can evaluate fit, while contractors have the opportunity to prove themselves on the job.


Finding the right partner to provide concrete project deliverables and align with business developments can be challenging. Whether you need a high-level consultant for a short-term project, or an independent contractor to extend their contract, ES Technology’s Statement of Work (SOW) management solutions can outline the best course of action to ensure business continuity.

Workforce Management Solutions

PAYROLLING:When utilizing a contingent workforce, payrolling hundreds of contract employees can be an administrative burden. To help mitigate the co-employment issues that can arise, we offer a unique cost-effective program for companies through our Payrolling Services. Also referred to as Third Party Employment, our Payrolling Services allow companies to focus on their talent strategy and financial goals while ES Technology functions as the employer of record for your contingent staff.

PREFERRED VENDOR:We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with MSP clients as their preferred vendor. Whether your MSP manages your temporary recruitment lifecycle on-site or off-site, with ES Technology as your preferred vendor, you get a partner with years of success in providing high-quality candidates across the tech industry.

MSP: Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program manages the contingent workforce processes of your company via Vendor Management technology to streamline operations, consolidate invoicing, reduce costs, and mitigate compliance risks.

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